Hauptwerk is the world’s leading Virtual Organ platform.
Surround yourself with beautiful and natural church organs in their original acoustics critically sampled from each pipe. Hauptwerk offers an experience that you won’t hear with conventional digital organs. Subtleties of the organ’s blower, stop-action, keyboards, pistons and expression pedal sounds provide absolute realism.

Massive Library of Historic Instruments.
An extensive library of over 150 historic classical and theatre organs is available for Hauptwerk, spanning countries all over the world from the finest cathedrals, churches, and theatres. Whether your musical interests are of the Baroque, Romantic, or Modern period, you will be sure to find an instrument that suits your needs.

Note for note reproduction.
Unlike many digital organs which only use one pipe recording for several notes and pitch stretch to “fill in the gaps”, Hauptwerk uses a single unique pipe sample for each note that is played. ┬áChromatic pipe recordings offer all the nuances between individual pipes that you would hear just as you would from the original organ.

Original sampled acoustics.
Real pipe organs are designed and voiced for the acoustical space in which they’re installed. Reverberant or ‘wet’ virtual instruments capture and reproduce the natural acoustic and spatial characteristics of the original organ’s room, from each pipe’s position separately. It’s not just sampled acoustics, it’s the real acoustics!

Total control over your sound.
The Advanced Edition of Hauptwerk offers full voicing and balancing controls giving you the option to customize each pipe’s volume, brightness, tuning, expression, tremulants, wind modeling, stereo panning and EQ. Select a rank, then select the voicing parameter and adjust each slider as needed to voice or balance the instrument to your listening environment and your tastes

Paramount Organ Works 450

Hauptwerk does theatre organs too!
Hauptwerk fully and accurately models theatre organs including unification, second touch, untuned and tuned percussion, toy counters and effects, sustain, reiteraters, crescendo, pizzicato, note by note tremulant modeling with tremulant voicing adjustments and much more.