The ‘Werk-Meister 3’ Hauptwerk Console


The ‘Werk-Meister 3’ Hauptwerk Console

Includes 32-note R&C pedalboard, Bench, Integreated PC (I5 processor/16gb RAM/ 6-chanel audio/256gb SSD),
UK/US piston layout inc unique ‘function’ pistons.

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The ‘Wek-Meister 3’ gives you the means of accessing power of Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ through a familiar yet cutting edge console. Now you have an organ with the incredible sound of Hauptwerk, but with the ease of use like a traditional organ!

Our ‘Werk-Miester’ console dispenses with touchscreen controls which lack the ergonomic feel of traditional organ controls and replaces them with our unique ‘Vari-tab’TM control. This amazing innovation features advanced OLED screens above each stop tab which change their display according to the sample set loaded. The stops can then be activated with a ‘real’ tab.